How to get to Big Ku

On the day of your flight to Big Ku Lodge from Anchorage, you will go to our hangar at Lake Hood, meet our pilot, and take our direct flight to the lodge.

Catch your flight to Big Ku

Branham Hangar, 4701 Aircraft Drive (next to the
Aviation Museum at Lake Hood), across the street from Anchorage International Airport.

Our plane is a state-of-the-art Cessna 208 Caravan on amphibious floats. The flight is approximately 1-½ hours from our Anchorage hangar to the lodge. The flight from our hangar to the lodge will be reserved for you unless otherwise notified.

Exact flight times to be determined. Your round trip flight to/from the lodge and Anchorage is included in your package cost.

Seasons at Big Ku


June is ideal for hiking, birding and experiencing the diverse unfolding of spring in Katmai. Thousands of endemic and migrating birds, including the Arctic Tern, Tundra Swans, Bald and Golden Eagles, spend spring in Katmai nesting & breeding. Wildlife big and small, reviving from the harsh winter, awaken along with countryside.

June is a great time to watch for the first bears coming down the mountains from their winter dens toward the river to check for any signs of salmon, meanwhile feeding on the spring plants and grasses.


July brings in the salmon, and the great Alaskan brown bear will not be far behind.  Early July is when the salmon typically start running up the rivers and lakes toward their spawning grounds.  The wildlife follows and the bears becomes a much more common and dependable site near the lodge. July is also great for hiking, birding and exploring.

August & September

August and September are prime bear viewing months, as the salmon have returned by the tens of thousands. Many bears will move throughout the area, populating various fishing holes. The hiking and birding is also incredible, as fledglings are leaving the nest, and the salmon feast is at its peak. August and September book over 1 year in advance due to it being the prime rainbow trout fly-fishing season.